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Plattform: DTVP

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Veröffentlicher: eco – Association of the Internet Industry


Veröffentlicht: 25.08.2023

Angebots- /  Teilnahmefrist: 08.09.2023


In the Gaia-X project, the foundations are being laid for the development of a interconnected, open data infrastructure based on European values. From the networking of decentralized infrastructure and data services, a data infrastructure is to be created that will be merged into a homogeneous, user-friendly system in which data can be made available and shared in a secure and trustworthy manner.

For the start of a concrete federated Gaia-X operation, the central Gaia-X Federation Services (GXFS) are needed to establish Gaia-X ecosystems on top of it and to enable the coordinated provisioning of infrastructure services, application services, interconnection services and data services.

As part of this initiative, the first four federation services Identity & Trust, Federated Catalogue, Sovereign Data Exchange, and Compliance, as well as an integration layer (Integration & Portal), were implemented as part of a first public tender in 2021. Building on this, further extensions/adaptations to the first services were specified at the beginning of 2023 and are now the subject of this second tender phase.

The purpose of the Cloud Personal Credential Manager is to provide all necessary components for the self-sovereign administration of the digital identity of a principal in the Gaia-X context. The Cloud Personal Credential Manager enables a natural person to act as a principal of an organization within the SSI-based Gaia-X ecosystem in a privacy-preserving, trustful and secure way from a computer browser. This comprises the following main functionalities:

– Remote Management of a Cloud Wallet or multiple Wallets which are connected to the cPCM
– Reception and management of verifiable credentials from other parties (e.g., a principal credential from a Gaia-X participant) by using the web frontend
– Presenting Verifiable Presentations to other parties in a automated or manual manner by using plugins
– Secure storage and management of respective secrets
– Consent Management
– Policy Based Decisions about Issuing/Presentations
– Plugin System which extends the Holder Capabilities

The Cloud Personal Credential Manager(cPCM) must be implemented as a cloud component which provides the end user an web front- end for managing the connected OCM, OCM W-Stack and TSA by providing an integration layer for various use cases of Holders.

The Personal Credential Manager Extension 1 provides all necessary components for the self-sovereign administration of the digital identity of a principal in the Gaia-X context on a mobile device. This comprises the following main functionalities:

– AIP 2.0 Support
– Reception and management of W3C verifiable credentials
– Presenting W3C and AIP 2.0 Verifiable Presentations to other parties in a proved manner
– Secure storage and management of respective secrets
– Remote Management of the PCM Cloud Solution
– Support of the Cloud PCM functionality
– Enhancements in QR Code Support Reading and Presentation

Extension of the Personal Credential Manager must be developed as additional features of the existing smartphone-based application for Android and iPhone platforms.

Furthermore, the scope includes the provision of the developed software in a usable format for end users including the respective distribution channels (e.g. App Stores).

The software to be created will already be published during development and after successful acceptance under the open-source license Apache Version 2.0, January 2004 (http://www.apache.org/licenses/).

For further participation and the processing of the documents, it should be noted that the implementation team must be complete as soon as the order is placed so as to be able to provide the services on time and with the required quality.

Further details can be found in the service description.

Depending on the initial offers in process stage 2, the client reserves the right to forego the implementation of the Cloud Personal Credential Manager and to only commission the Personal Credential Manager Extension 1. If this is the case, the bidders will be informed about this in the initial bidding phase during the individual negotiation meetings.


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